Terms of service

The student by enrolling in any class with the College agrees that the parties relationship will be governed by the laws of the State of Texas.
The student and the College irrevocably submit mandatory exclusive mandatory jurisdiction and venue in any state or federal court located in Bowie County, Texas with regards to any dispute arising from or in any way relating to their relationship, any agreements between them or any claims arising between them. The student and the College both

(a) acknowledge that Bowie County, Texas has a reasonable relation to this to the relationship between the parties;
(b)that the submission to the forum will apply even if the forum chooses to apply non-forum law;
(c) waive, to the extent permitted by law, any objection to personal jurisdiction or to venue of any action or
proceeding in Bowie County, Texas; and
(d) agree not to commence any such action or proceeding in any forum other than Bowie County, Texas.

The student acknowledges and stipulates that the College has immunity under Texas law and that nothing herein waives that immunity.

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