Handles & Guards

Includes detailed information on handles, both full-tang and narrow tang, guards, butt caps, decorative file work, spiral dagger handles, silver inlay work, finished blades, etc. Students will be instructed on how to make a professional-looking knife. Participants are expected to possess the skill and knowledge necessary to forge and grind blades before taking this course. Students should bring finished blades to class.

Maximum Enrollment: 8 students
Class is held 7 a.m. – 5 p.m., M-F for 1 week/48 hours

Students must register online through Texarkana College’s Community & Business Education Center. If you need assistance, please call (903) 823-3270 or email continuing.ed@texarkanacollege.edu.

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Course location
Texarkana College
2500 N Robison Rd, Texarkana, TX 75599

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