Bladesmithing for Beginners

Ready to make your first knife?

How much would you expect to pay for a course like his? You guessed it—this course typically costs $950 PLUS the expenses of traveling, lodging, and for some, using up valuable leave from work. We don’t want the price to be the reason you don’t take up the ancient art of bladesmithing. That’s why we’re offering this introductory online course for $395 — less than half the price of the original course.

For just $395, you’ll gain FULL access to ALL of our course content, and you’ll save $555—plus the cost of travel and lodging. It’s a bargain. With your purchase, you’ll be able to re-watch classes as often as you want, pause if you don’t understand something, review content—online classes put all the power in your hands.

We keep things simple for the beginning bladesmith, but we don’t dumb it down. We’ll start with the basics and make sure you have the vocabulary, knowledge, and skills needed to make your first knife with confidence.

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